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    Taken from reddit but it can’t be stressed enough

    Making fun of fat people at the gym is like making fun of sick people at the hospital.

    "Lol wow you’re doing chemotherapy? Clearly you suck at it if you still have cancer."

    except being fat isnt a problem…………


  2. Seeing yourself as an artist means always being wrong and doing that 100% on purpose. It’s hip.

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    1. children: are you a girl or a boy
    2. giant robot pilot: neither
    3. giant robot pilot: im a giant robot pilot
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    the associated press gets a lesson in the real news

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    hey so i’ve seen a lot of these kinds of posts going around and i thought maybe y’all could help me out too. my name is willow, i’m a neurodivergent queer disabled dfab white nonbinary trans person living with my abusers and people who gaslight me and excuse their…


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    Yep, I did it.  Please share and help me (1) not become homeless, and (2) pay for basic living expenses and medical bills.

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    Passion Pit - Tonight, Tonight

    Passion Pit cover Smashing Pumpkins song Tonight, Tonight

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